GroupA Partners with MyBreathSafe

During the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s spread throughout the U.S. our leadership team took the step to get involved by partnering with medical mask supplier, MyBreathSafe, to assist in the distribution of these crucial supplies.

Our partnership thus far has been both exciting and rewarding, offering our employees a chance to give back and help support a family-owned business located right here in California while promoting health and wellness in our national community.

Since partnering in March 2020, we have been working together to pursue multiple contracts and marketing opportunities to aid government, medical, and corporate institutions that we are an available resource for their PPE needs.

About MyBreathSafe

“My family started importing and exporting mostly clothing, textiles and electronics from China, Japan, and other places around the world. During the pandemic a lot of the manufacturers we worked with started to make disposable masks while the world was in a shortage. We decided to go online to make these masks available to anyone who needed them. Our goal was to make sure our clients got the bulk amount of 3 ply masks, KN95, Face shields, and sanitation gels that they would need to help their day to day business stay alive, We outreached to schools, businesses, daycares, anyone we thought could benefit from a bulk buy of the merchandise we could offer. In the stores, the shelves were empty, and we understood some businesses could not continue without FDA registered sanitation. We did our part as best we could,” said Josh, CEO of MyBreathSafe.

As our partnership grew, the passion of fighting against Covid-19 and other virus’s became clear to us as we began to expand into touch-less water fountains, fever kits, and portable handwashing stations.

We are here to help anyone who wants to retrofit their offices, homes, and businesses with COVID defeating technology.

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